Terms and COnditions

1. Definitions

1.1 “HED Group” (“HED”) is a charity based in Alabama licensed to conduct bingo. In fulfilling its obligations under this agreement, HED may act through one or more nominated agents, provided that HED accepts any and all responsibility for the actions taken by said agents in relation to the foregoing. HED Group LLC is HED’s nominated service provider. When an account holder makes a donation via the Site HED will receive the money donated less any maintenance and operational costs involved. They can be contacted at support@charchingo.com.

1.2 The "HED Rules" are the terms and conditions constituting and governing the contractual relationship, as stated herein, and upon which the parties hereby agree.

1.3 The individual having a contractual relationship with HED is referred to as the "Account Holder", (or the “User”, or “You”) once they have been approved as such by HED.

1.4 An "HED Account" is an Account held by an Account Holder. A HED Account is made with the strict purpose of playing games on the Site.

1.5 The "Contract" is the contractual relationship between HED Group and an Account Holder, which is constituted and governed by the HED Rules.

1.6 The "Site" (also known as the “App”) is the Internet gateway, accessible through the Internet address play.charchingo.com, where all current and relevant information regarding HED gaming is published. It is also where account holders can access and play various games using complimentary points or credits provided. The Site is also capable of becoming an App that is installable on mobile devices and/or personal computers.

1.7 A "Card" refers to all types of cards with a function of payment, charge, debit, credit and/or similar.

1.8 A "Payment Solution Provider" ("Payment Provider") is an intermediary acting as a payment agent.

1.9 A "Financial Institution" is a bank and/or other institution regulated by an applicable domestic financial service act or similar.

1.10 "Force Majeure" refers to any occurrence or condition beyond one's reasonable control that leads to a delay or default in the performance to the affected party's contractual obligation and shall, for the purposes of the SE rules, include Acts of God, government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any necessary license where such denial or cancellation is made through no fault of the affected party), wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected.

1.11 The parties to this agreement (collectively “The Parties”), are the Account Holder and HED.

1.12 The “Entertainment Venue” or “Venue” refers to the bingo hall at either:
- 615 Bessemer Super Hwy, Midfield, AL 35228, United States; or
- 292214 US-11, Knoxville, AL 35469, United States

1.13 “Points” ( or “Credits”, or “complimentary points”, or “complimentary points balance”) are complimentary points that are credited to a user’s account when they make a donation. The amount of credits a user receives may vary from time to time at HED’s discretion.

1.14 “Points Won” ( or “Points Won Balance”) are points that may be received by a user when they play games on the site. 

1.15 “Balances” collectively refers to Points Won and Complimentary Points. 

1.16 A “Complimentary Bingo Strip” represents a free paper bingo card with three strips that can be redeemed, collected and used at the Venue to play physical bingo games.

2. Account Rules

2.1 Unless an individual is registered as a Player and holds an HED account, s/he cannot participate in a Game. In order to be registered as a Player, the individual must complete the application process (“Application Process”). The Application Process will require a number of personal details from a prospective player, out of which the following are absolutely needed:

2.1.1 Acknowledgment that the Player is at least twenty one (21); and

2.1.2 The Player's valid email address.

2.1.3 A user name for the Player

2.1.4 Age will be verified at the venue before player is allowed to play bingo games. Players will be issued a Players Club ID that will allow for lifetime membership.

2.1.5 Our account creation process involves two factor authentication, as part of this we require users to provide a valid phone number.

Every individual applying for Registration warrants that all information provided in this Application form is true and correct.

HED will not register an individual where that individual has already been registered. HED will cancel that individual's Registration as a Player if it becomes aware that the person has provided false information when registering as a Player or believes that player already has an account with HED. HED reserves the right to void wins it believes were won through the use of an additional or duplicate account in violation of these Terms and Conditions. HED reserves the right to refuse use of any services to any person for any reason (or no reason).

2.2 The person who applies for an HED account acknowledges and accepts:

2.2.1 All definitions and stipulations, as stated under Clause 1 and/or herein;

2.2.2 The HED rules as currently published on the Site, as well as any possible future changes to the HED rules. HED reserves the right to change the rules at any time. Such changes will take effect when they are updated in this agreement and published on the site.

2.2.3 That HED reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions without prior notice to the Account Holder. It is the Member’s sole responsibility to check and read our Terms and Conditions in order to stay up to date with any and all possible changes that occur.

2.2.4 By logging into the Services or using your user name and password in order to access the Services, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to use such user name and password and to use and access the Services. The creator of the account is solely responsible for the use of their username and password, maintaining the confidentiality of your user name and password, and for any activities conducted using your user name and password.

2.3 HED reserves the right at all times to, at its own discretion:

2.3.1 Decline to open an HED account and/or to close an existing HED account without any explanation whatsoever; 

2.3.2 Suspend and/or cancel the participation of an Account Holder and/or any users acting from that user’s IP address in promotional activities, competitions or other services, including all services, whenever HED has honest concerns that an HED account is used for; illegal, fraudulent or other dishonest practices; compulsive, pathological or addictive gaming; and/or collusion which is defined as including but not being limited to use of an account by more than one person and/or a single account being funded by multiple Paypal accounts. 

2.3.3 Request documents to verify the identity and the authorization to use a specific Card and/or other facts provided by the Account Holder;

2.3.4 Transfer and/or license, without prior notice, data regarding a fraudulent Account Holder to any other legal entity, in any country. HED guarantees that the said data is, at all times, transferred and managed in accordance with applicable laws, data protection acts and/or similar;

2.3.5 Transfer and/or license, without prior notice, the rights and the liabilities regarding a fraudulent Account Holder to any other legal entity, in any country, subject to guaranteeing the liabilities being honored;

2.3.6 Hold and manage balances belonging to Account Holders in accordance with generally accepted guidelines for cash management regarding such balances. This may include a Financial Institution and/or a Payment Solution Provider being entrusted to hold balances in the name of and/or for the benefit of Account Holders;

2.3.7 Forfeit and/or confiscate points available on an HED account and/or refuse to honor a claim, in the event that, directly or indirectly, the HED rules have been violated and/or other unauthorized activities have occurred in connection with a betting event and/or the operation of an HED account. This is subject to any of the said events in connection with the HED and/or the claim in question.

2.3.8 Share all customer account information with its associated companies and partners for marketing purposes, in game offers and promotions.

2.4 Those who apply for an HED account must warrant that they are not under the age of 21. Minors cannot register and cannot hold an HED account. HED reserves the right to request proof of age in order to verify the information provided. Accounts may be suspended until satisfactory proof of age is provided.

2.5 An Account Holder warrants, at all times, not to be:

2.5.1 Restricted by limited legal capacity;

2.5.2 Acting on behalf of another party;

2.5.3 Classified as a compulsive gambler;

2.5.4 Using  balances originating from criminal and/or other unauthorized activities;

2.5.5 Conducting criminal activities whereby HED is directly or indirectly involved;

2.5.6 From an ineligible jurisdiction;

2.6 HED warrants and represents, at all times, to:

2.6.1 Manage  balances belonging to Account Holders in a secure and appropriate manner;

2.6.2 Manage data regarding an Account Holder in accordance with applicable laws, data protection acts and/or similar;

2.7 An HED account is opened, held and maintained in balances.

2.8 Neither an HED account or balances accrue interest of any kind.

2.9 An Account Holder can own only one HED account at a time. If this rule is breached, HED reserves the right to block and/or delete the superfluous HED account(s) held by the Account Holder in breach of this clause. HED also has the right to reallocate all the balances in the different superfluous HED accounts to a single HED account and to delete the remaining superfluous Account(s). No Bonus given to the superfluous HED account(s) will be reallocated. If an act of fraud is detected on a Member's Account, HED will block the Account and freeze the balances, and the Member will be permanently excluded from the site. No balances will be due to the Member.

2.10 Dormant/ Inactive Accounts
If no transaction has been recorded on your account for 12 (twelve) months, then your account is deemed dormant, in which case any balances and/or bingo strips will be forfeited and non-recoverable.

2.11 Any claim regarding account activity shall be made to HED within seven (7) days after said activity has taken place. Otherwise, HED reserves the right, at its own discretion, not to consider the claim.

2.12 Regarding disputes, it is advisable that the Account Holder lodges a complaint with HED's Customer Service. The parties should do their utmost to reach an amicable settlement within a reasonable time. Every decision made by SE is final and binding. Any disputes regarding the matters contemplated by this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Alabama in the United States of America.

3. donation rules

3.1 Procedures, along with Terms and Conditions, may vary at HED’s discretion from time to time, as well as between different countries and different Financial Institutions. HED is not required to provide notice to the account holder of any changes in procedure.

3.2 Account Holder may make a donation to a charity via the Site. The Account Holder will also receive the following complimentary credits and complimentary bingo strip amounts as defined by HED;

3.2.1 One Complimentary Bingo Strip per donation to HED for play at the Venue. Account holder may visit Venue during opening hours and play these cards; and

3.2.2 A number of complimentary credits that can be used to play games on the Site. These credits are intangible and are credited to a user upon donation.
Full details regarding the amount of credits and complimentary bingo strips received in exchange for a donation are available on the site. The amount of credits provided may change from time to time at SE’s discretion.

3.3 Complimentary Points may be used to play games via the Site. Account holders can gain Points Won by doing so, which will be shown on their Points Won balance. Neither Complimentary Points nor Points Won  have value on the Site and may not be exchanged for cash or anything else of value via the site. Balances may also be given to players at the discretion of HED as part of promotional activities and/or in-game features such as, but not limited to, daily retention wheels, leveling systems and tournaments.

3.4 Donations are made via a PayPal account or other payment methods that are controlled by HED. PayPal and other credit card payment systems are third parties so users of their service are subject to their terms and conditions and privacy policy found on their website. Donations can also be accepted at the Venue via HED, where cash or card payments are processed through the on Venue POS systems. Points Won that have not been validated cannot be redeemed. Points Won are validated when the donation is received in full by us. A donation is received in full by us if and only if the Complimentary Points are validated and the transactions already made on PayPal are not under dispute, pending or reversed. In addition any player account that is blocked, terminated or suspended cannot redeem any Points Won, until such time this is no longer the case. 

3.5 HED does not accept cash sent or delivered directly to HED. Account Holder must donate cash in an approved manner via the Site or another approved manner in order to receive complimentary credits and complimentary bingo strips. Current accepted means of donation are: PayPal accounts controlled by HED and the existing POS at the Venue.

3.6 An Account Holder may make a donation only with his/her personal Card or personal PayPal account. If HED suspects that a donation has been made via a non-personal PayPal account, HED may in their sole discretion terminate or suspend that user’s account and/or void any or all of the balances on the account or return donations to the PayPal account that made the donation. 

3.7 An account holder may visit the entertainment venue during open hours, whereupon they will receive the number of strips reflected in their complimentary Bingo Strip balance. The account holder may then use the paper Bingo Strips to play paper based bingo in the Venue.  The paper based bingo play is run by the team at the entertainment venue. Any winnings at the paper based bingo game will be paid out to the winner by cash or cheque, at the discretion of HED.

4. disclaimer

4.1 The HED rules, as presently published in English, govern this Contract. In the event of a discrepancy between the English version and a translation, the English version has priority over any translations.

4.2 Account Holders are advised to comply with applicable legislation in the jurisdiction in which they are domiciled and/or are residents.

4.3 SE does not provide advice to Account Holders regarding tax and/or legal matters.

4.4 SE does not acknowledge or accept any liability whatsoever for damage to an Account Holder and/or a third party caused directly and/or indirectly due to any:

4.4.1 Mistake, misprint, misinterpretation, mishearing, misreading, mistranslation, spelling error, fault in reading, transaction error, technical hazard, Registration error, manifest error, Force Majeure and/or any other similar event;

4.4.2 Violation of the HED rules;

4.4.3 Criminal actions;

4.4.4 Advice provided by HED;

4.4.5 Financial risk and loss, including, but not limited to variances in exchange rates;

4.4.6 HED reserves the right, at all times, to resolve any disputes, at its own discretion, with HED’s decision being final and binding.

4.4.7 Any malfunction of any game will result in all points earned being made void.

4.4.8 Games on the Site do not accept nor eject anything of value. No cash or prizes of any kind can be won by playing the games.

4.4.9 Participation in Games implies the knowledge and the acceptance of Internet limits, especially: The technical capacity; the replying time for consultation, interrogation or transfer of information; the interruption risks; and all other risks inherent to any connection and transmission failure; The transmission and/or reception of any data and/or information on the Internet; All Network dysfunctions preventing the good progress of any Game; The loss of any data; Any damage caused by a virus, computing bug or technical failure; Any damage caused to the property of the Player, including any balances; Any failure preventing or limiting the possibility to take part in a Game, or a failure that has damaged the Player's system. The Player should take all appropriate measures to protect the data and/or software stocked on his/her computer against all failures. The connection to the Site and the participation of the Player in any Game are the Player’s sole responsibility.

4.4.10 All licenses including but not limited to: donations, points allocation and in-game services are provided by HED.

5.1 At HED’s discretion a ‘jackpot promotion’ ( a ‘Jackpot’) may be made available to verified account holders. In order to be eligible to participate in a Jackpot, a verified account holder must have both;

5.1.1 contributed to the jackpot; and

5.1.2 be playing a game when the jackpot was triggered. 

5.2 While a jackpot is made available it may be triggered whenever an eligible account holder plays a game when. Upon triggering a jackpot event, normal gameplay will be temporarily paused  until the jackpot event has concluded and winnings (if any) are distributed to players. 

5.3 HED may disqualify any person from this Promotion in the event that the person: (i) violates any part of these Terms and conditions; (ii) engages in fraudulent, deceptive or corroborative behavior; and/or (iii) attempts to defeat or circumvent any of the promotional rules or restrictions. HED reserves the right to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to the Promotion, and its decisions shall be final. HED may suspend, discontinue, or modify the Promotion at any time for any reason and with no notice provided to players. 

5.4 Result of winning different types of jackpot

5.4.1 Single Jackpot. Upon a single jackpot event being completed, the eligible player may be required to complete a skill game to claim part or the whole of the winnings. SE will credit the winner’s account in the amount won in the jackpot (the “Winnings”). 

5.4.2 Shared jackpots. Upon a shared jackpot event being completed, winnings will be split evenly between all participants, who may be required to complete a skill game to claim part or the whole of the winnings.

6.1 HED may offer promotions and bonuses to eligible players at HED’s discretion. What makes a player eligible may change depending on the promotion offered, and will be communicated to the player. These promotions and bonuses may require some specific action from an eligible player including without limitation; creating an account, playing a certain game during a certain period of time, placing a certain amount of wagers, or by providing information to HED. If a player is eligible for a bonus offered by a promotion and has successfully completed any required actions, HED may award them with in-game Balances or other rewards. 

6.2 Duration and additional terms of promotions. Promotions and bonuses may be made available to players indefinitely or only for a clearly defined period of time. HED has full authority to decide any additional terms and conditions relating to any promotions or bonuses, including without limitation the duration or term that a promotion or bonus is available to players. If a promotion is to be made for a limited time only, this will be communicated to players via advertisements and on HED’s internal register. In addition to these terms and conditions, individual terms and conditions will apply to promotions and bonuses, and will be displayed on the website.

6.3 Bonuses are awarded at HED’s discretion. HED may disqualify any person from any Promotion in the event that the person: (i) violates any part of these Terms and conditions; (ii) engages in fraudulent, deceptive or corroborative behavior; and/or (iii) attempts to defeat or circumvent any of the promotional rules or restrictions. HED reserves the right to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to the Promotion, and its decisions shall be final. HED may suspend, discontinue, or modify Promotions at any time for any reason and with no notice provided to players. HED has full and total authority in deciding whether to fulfil bonuses and promotions to players. 

6.4 Expiry of Balances awarded under any promotion. Any balances awarded under any promotion (including the jackpot promotion) will expire and be removed from a player’s account if they are not used within 60 days of being credited to a player’s account. 

7.1 Proprietary rights are withheld by HED. Except as explicitly provided in these Terms and Conditions, all right, title and interest in and to the Services (including any software or code used in connection with the operation thereof) and all Intellectual Property Rights in and to the Services, are the property of HED or its affiliates. Except as permitted by these Terms and Conditions, you will not copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, transmit, download, upload, post, sell, rent, license, transfer, disclose, publicly perform, publicly display, mirror, frame, create derivative works of, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble, or use any aspect of the Services, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means.

7.2 Definition of Intellectual property. As used in these Terms and Conditions, "Intellectual Property Rights" refer to all patent rights, copyright rights, moral rights, rights of publicity, trademark, trade dress and service mark rights (and associated goodwill), trade secret rights and all other intellectual property and proprietary rights that may exist or that may hereafter come into existence, and all applications for any of these rights and registrations, renewals and extensions of any such rights, in each case under the laws and regulations of any state, country, territory or other jurisdiction.

8.1 Limits on legal proceedings.
To the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree that you: will undertake any proceeding, legal or otherwise, relating to these terms and conditions in the form of an individual action or proceeding; and

a) will ensure any proceeding, legal or otherwise, undertaken fully or partially on your behalf shall take the form of an individual proceeding or action; and

b) will not commence, cause to be commenced, or participate in any class action, putative class action, collective action, representative action, or any other similar action or proceeding; and

c) waive your right to participate in any class action, putative class action, collective action, representative action, or any other similar action or proceeding.

8.2 Limitation of liability. 

a) In no event shall HED be liable to a user or any third party in contract, tort or otherwise for incidental or consequential damages of any kind, including, without limitation, punitive or economic damages or lost profits.
b) SE provides no guarantee of constant, uninterrupted access to the HED services. Because of this and without limiting clause 8.2(a), HED accepts no liability for any damages or losses whatsoever incurred as a result of imperfect access to the services as a result of any glitches, technical errors, hacking attempts or any other reason. 

c) You agree and acknowledge that:

i) any reliance on the services is at your own risk; 

ii) there may be delays, omissions, interruptions, inaccuracies or other problems with the services as part of the ordinary course of operation of the services; 

iii) the services are provided to you on an "As-is, where-is" basis and neither we nor any of our affiliates or agents make any representation or warranty with respect to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, currency, quality, suitability, accuracy, non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the services or any information, materials or other content provided or otherwise made available as part of the services; 

iiiv) the services and the site are not guaranteed to be free of viruses or other harmful components. 

8.3 HED waives no rights. Our failure to enforce any right or provision set forth in these Terms and Conditions will not be deemed a waiver of such right or provision. In the event that any provision set forth in these Terms and Conditions and our agreement with you is held to be invalid or unenforceable, then that provision will be limited in order to eliminate the associated defect, and the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions or the Official Rules, as the case may be, will remain in full force and effect.

8.4 Permission to use submissions. Any information, suggestions, feedback, ideas, comments and other materials that you may disclose or offer to us through or in connection with your use of the Services (collectively, "Submissions") are submitted without any restrictions or expectation of confidentiality. You hereby assign to HED without compensation or further obligation, all rights now known or hereafter existing to use, allow others to use, or assign the right to use, the Submissions. You further agree that your Submissions may be used without restriction for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without compensation to you, including the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, transmit, publicly perform or display, translate, create derivative works from, or otherwise communicate to the public the Submissions. You will not assert any proprietary right or moral right of any kind or nature with respect to any Submissions.

8.5 Balances. 

8.5.1 Your account has two balances; ‘Complimentary Points’ and ‘Points Won’. When you play a game on our site you will play with any Complimentary points you have on your account before playing with Points Won. 

8.5.2 Complimentary points may be received by making a donation, participating in a promotion or bonus, or for any other reason at SE’s discretion. Complimentary points cannot be redeemed and may only be used to play games on the site. Complimentary points expire and may be made null and void at SE’s discretion if not used to play a game within 60 days of receipt. 

8.5.3 You receive Points Won as winnings from playing games on the site. Points Won may either be redeemed or used to play games on the site. Points Won expire and are null and void if not redeemed or played within 12 months of receipt. 

8.6 Entire agreement. These Terms and Conditions, the Official Rules, and the Privacy Policy represent the entire agreement between you and SE regarding the subject matter hereof. HED may provide additional information or impose additional policies or rules with respect to the Services and/or the Site, which may be made available to players, and all such information, policies and rules shall be binding on you with the same legal force and effect as if set forth in these Terms and Conditions, provided that, in the event of any conflict between such information, policies or rules, and any provision of these Terms and Conditions, the provision set forth in these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. Other than our affiliates, no other person or entity will be deemed a third party beneficiary to any provision of these Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy. Any rights or licenses not expressly granted under these terms and conditions are expressly withheld by HED.